sweet potato hash

I bought waaaaaaay too many sweet potatoes this past thanksgiving with the intention of making 3 different kinds of pies. Pumpkin. Apple. And sweet potato. 2 x pumpkin pies happened and the rest did not because the reality is, baking is very labor intensive and I ran out of time this holiday.

So, cut to today I’m staring at a bunch of unused sweet potatoes and decided to whip up some sweet potato hash. I’m on a big zero food waste mission in this household.

Super simple.

astellar sweet potato hash


2 x large peeled and julienned sweet potatoes

2 x tablespoons neutral high heat oil (I like grape seed)

salt and pepper

Heat large pan with oil.

Add julienned sweet potatoes. Toss with oil. Add salt and pepper.

Sauté until brown and crispy.

I topped my hash with a crispy fried egg, avocado slices, and chives.


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