The waves are calling

We work in the film and music industry. The hours are long and sometimes relentless. I often get asked what we do to decompress. If we only have 24 hours, we typically head to the coast. During the week, it is chill and virtually no tourists/people. The weather is pleasant if it is sunny or overcast. Our dog, Clyde, could care less if it is cold or hot, either way he is always down for an ocean dip.

Yesterday we both had a day off that fell on a Tuesday. I looked up the weather in Tomales Bay and it looked so nice. What did I forget? Our favorite spot, The Marshall Store, is closed on Tuesday! Doh! Alas, our other favorite Tomales spot, Nick’s Cove, was open and had the most epic sunny deck for us. What luck!

The water and sky was so blue. Not a cloud in the sky.

We had yummy oysters, fish tacos, asparagus with black garlic aioli and bacon (so good I ordered another plate), and a kale caesar. So delicious.

After lunch we headed towards Stinson and had the beach to ourselves. Dog heaven. Another midweek perk!

We enjoyed a nice early sunset beach hang with poodle ocean dips before heading to Bolinas to watch the Warriors crush the Pelicans.

With that big WIN, I’d say we had a perfect Northern California day!💓

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