easter gnocchi


I love Easter Sunday. Or what I like to call GNOCCHI Sunday. My sis in law brought her family’s Italian tradition from Australia over 6 years ago. Each year we get better and better. This year jess made 475 potato gnocchi.


She makes potato gnocchi with her signature sugo.


I would sell my soul to be able to eat that. But alas, my nightshade allergy prevents me from that.
So I make my ricotta version.


Hand rolled over the back of a fork.


I make the ricotta gnocchi with my tomatoless sauce.


Humboldt grassfed beef + applewood bacon + ground pork + truffles tomatoless sauce with the ricotta gnocchi. Yum.

Some other personal family highlights:


I picked out her fit. ❤


Eating her greens.


This face.

Little Jaeden Van hunting for eggs.


I almost forgot! The godfather of the gnocchi and sugo, Fulvio (jess’ dad) was in Australia making some at the same time! Facetime is AMAZING.
Family time is so important to me. Holidays and traditions are a perfect way to celebrate that love.

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